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Dimmer Switch is a tool that’s linked to a lamp and used to decrease the brightness of the sunshine. By altering the waveform of the voltage utilized to the lamp, it’s doable to decrease the depth of the sunshine output. Though variable-voltage gadgets are used for a wide range of functions, the time period dimmer is mostly reserved for these supposed to regulate the sunshine output of resistive incandescent, halogen, and newer fashions of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and Gentle Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Extra specialised tools is required to dim fluorescent, mercury vapor, and different arc lighting.

Dimmers vary in measurement from small models, the scale of home gentle switches to excessive energy models utilized in massive theater or architectural lighting installations. Small home dimmers are usually managed immediately, though distant management programs (such because the X10) can be found. Trendy skilled dimmers are usually managed by a digital management system akin to DMX or DALI. In newer programs, this protocol is commonly used along with ethernet.

Within the skilled lighting business, the change in depth is known as a “fade” and will be “fade up” or “fade down”. Dimmers with direct guide management have a variable velocity restrict however this downside has been largely eradicated with fashionable digital models (although very speedy modifications in brightness should be averted for different causes akin to lamp life).

Trendy dimmers are constructed from semiconductors as a substitute of variable resistors, as they’ve the next effectivity. A variable resistor will dissipate energy as warmth and act as a voltage divider. As a result of semiconductors or strong-state dimmers change quickly between a low resistance “on” state and a excessive resistance “off” state, they dissipate little or no energy in comparison with the managed load.

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